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I was very excited when I saw the article and Mr. Meeks on the front page of the News Last week. I skimmed the article and when I saw the negative tones of the commentary, I became discouraged about reading it. I am a new
member of the Idlewilders Club (Detroit Chapter) . My father hunts in Idlewild every year and has been for the last 40 Years. I now take my family to Idlewild every year for the parade and kick off for Idlewilders Week. I joined the
horse owners as we bring our horses to the town and enjoy the beach and surrounding area. A lot of lot owners are elders who can't necessarily travel to Idlewild or who have died away and their children are not interested in keeping the property. Idlewild is a great getaway and the historic background makes me proud to be a part of the revitalization of the town. I was excited when I saw the black top being put down in some portions of the town, however, people who do not visit Idlewild or who have heard wonderful tales about the town now have a different picture. Years ago, I taped a special on Mort Crim did about Idlewild and I show that video every year to the youth I take to Idlewild.

Mr. Meeks does not run the town but he is very inspirational and when you have people who do not want to see the town succeed or better yet assist with the revitalization, it is very difficult to see a dream come alive.
Check out the website www.iaacc.com for pictures and stories from people who are a part of the history.

We would like for you to attempt to cover parade in July 2002 or the Youth Day. Idlewild may not have a lot of things to do, but we invite people to come back and assist with the revitalization. This is not a rich town and it
takes money to make things happen. Maybe with a positive picture and words and involvement, this can be achieved.